Join the Youtube sewing classes!

During the lockdown I've started uploading helpfull videos and tutorials to the Creamberry Youtube chanel. While it's nicer and more effective to have offline classes, I hope I can support you online nevertheless. Please support me too and subscribe to my channel, leave a "like" and write many comments. If you have any wishes for a new video, let me know. Let's learn together and "sew happy".

Beginners sewing machines

First of all you will need a sewing machine. I have selected some basic sewing machines for beginners that are perfect for kinds too.


You are more than welcome to contact me regarding secondhand machines or sergers and coverlocks. Please support your local shop or use a German webpage for your pouches. You will get more support and better warranty.

It's possible to buy fabric at Creamberry using Whatsapp or Telegram.

This is the equipment that you will need to have, in order to start with your firts sewing project.

  • Tape mesure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pinns & neadles
  • Fabric pen, marker or chalk
  • Patternmaker or ruler
  • Seamripper, comes with your machine
  • Good sewing tread in white and black, not from the supermarket
  • Woven fabric

Sewing extras :

  • More sewing tread in a good quality
  • Rollcutter,a safty rouler  & cutting mat
  • Pincushion
  • Tread scissors
  • Patern cutting paper
  • Clips for keeping fabrics in order (good for kids)
  • More bobins & a bobin box

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