Sewingclasses in Duesseldorf!

About Creamberry

My name is Paulina and I'm a Swedisch sewing teacher. With my husband and two children I live in Düsseldorf.


From the first stitch to a Fashion desiger

From the age of 10 I started to sew garments for my dolls. I helped out to supervise the Sewing classes at school when I was 14 years and 1998 I went to study at London College of Fashion. After sucessfully finnichin my studies I moved to Munich Because of my lovely husband. There I started my career as a Designer for Sport fashion.

2007 I started my own lable calles Creamberry, selling Kids accessoires. Right now the sewing classes are taking up most of my time.

What is realy importent for me

As a designer and a mom I lay a great importence on two things:the funktionality and the look of the products. I select with care the fabric for production and make sure that the produccts get the right cut and the perfect seam. The buttons that I use are from London. The not so perfect product are given to charity.

I share my passion for my job with all my pupils in my classes. I'm filled with joy at work and love new challenges. Some of my pupils are joining the classes for more then a year just to learn everything regarding patterncutting- and sewing-techniques. My costumers become my friends and they bring their friends with them to the classes.


Happy sewing school in Düsseldorf!
All classes can be booked in English, German and Swedish!


Sewing can be great fun - especially when you do it together.
Its easyeir then you think!


Content of the classes:
-Threading the machine fast and easy
-Adjusting tread tension
-When and how to use the right stitches
-Advice to how to take care of your machine
-Basic Pattern cutting skills
-New creative project every class



Call us: +49 (0)1781388785


Handmade with love

Buy a handmade in Düsseldorf scarf  or get something sewn.

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